190.013 Introduction to Machine Learning Lab (2SH P, SS)

This course accompanies the 190.012 Introduction to Machine Learning lecture.

Enrolling for this exercise is highly recommended but not a requirement for passing the machine learning lecture. 

Format, Location & Time

  • Format: The course format is physical attendance. 
  • Location: HS Kuppelwieser
  • Broadcast: WEBEX for the Q&A sessions
  • Dates: Fridays 13:15 – 14:45 Attention: There is one exception, on the 08.03.24, we start at 12:15!

Learning objectives / qualifications

Hands-on experience with machine learning methods. 

Course Resources

Everybody needs to sign in at MUOnline for the course. Access to Moodle will be essential for all participants in the course, as it will serve as the platform where course materials will be made available. 

Additional Course Resources

Python Videolectures and Tutorials


Melanie Neubauer via email at melanie.neubauer@unileoben.ac.at