Booking a Trip for a Conference/Visit/Summer School

Travel Planning Checklist

Approval and Registration

  • Initial Planning: Check for a reasonable flight itinerary. Check if 1-2 days before and after the event have a substantially lower price. 
  • Obtain Approval: Secure trip approval from Elmar. Argue according to the initial planning.
  • Travel System Entry: Request Regina to input the trip details into the travel system. Specify which days are for official duties (e.g., conference, lab visits) and which are for personal stay. Provide Regina with the proof of acceptance, or reason to travel.

Booking Essentials

  • Accommodation and Commute Options: Provide a comparison spreadsheet of different options within the budget. Opt for reasonable over the cheapest options.
  • Booking Approval: Get approved by Elmar.
  • Accommodations and Commute: After obtaining approval, book your stay, conference registration, accommodations, etc. 

Travel Insurance

  • Carry Insurance Documentation: If traveling abroad, particularly outside the EU, bring a printed copy of the university’s or other relevant insurance policy

Visa Requirements

  • Include Embassy Commute: If a visa is necessary, incorporate the embassy commute in the travel system and communicate this to the secretary for travel cost reimbursement.
  • Visa Application Time: Visa application efforts are recognized as working hours.

After the Travel

  • Receipts: After the end of the trip, provide Regina with all the receipts, invoices, and tickets from:
      • Airplanes, trains, buses, and boats: tickets, invoices, bank statement
      • Accommodation: invoice, bank statement
  • Registrations: invoice, bank statement
  • etc.


Important Notes

  • OEBB Trains: The chair has a membership with OBB, please book the ticket in the user’s name. You can obtain the user’s login information from Regina.
  • After the travel: Keep all original receipts and submit them to Regina after returning.
  • Report Everything: Due to Austrian law for work insurance coverage, you must inform Regina by email if you will be outside the university zone during working hours, even for a few hours.
  • Private Stay: A private stay cannot exceed 50% of the duration of the working days. For example, if a conference is for six days, your private stay must be a maximum of three days. Otherwise, the university will cover only 50% of the flight tickets and hotel.


  • Credit card with travel coverage (check if hospitalization is included for overseas)