Latex Templates

CPS Latex Templates

Find below Latex templates for student reports, B.Sc. theses, M.Sc. theses and doctoral theses.

You may use these templates also for other lectures, courses, seminars or doctoral theses at other chairs at the Montanuniversität Leoben. However, do not remove the acknowledgement or copyright statement.

If you never used Latex, watch our video on an introduction to Latex.

Student Report or Assignment

We provide a professional scientific student report template using double columns.

Get the latest CPS report template from our cloud.

Student Presentation

We provide a scientific student presentation template for project and thesis reports. Get the latest CPS presentation (latex beamer) template from our cloud.

B.Sc. Thesis

We provide a thesis template using minitocs in a standard report format.

Get the latest B.Sc. template from our cloud.

The latex template also provides basic instructions on the content and the structure of a thesis.

However, every thesis is unique and may be adapted acordingly.

M.Sc. Thesis

We provide a thesis template using minitocs in a standard report format.

Get the latest M.Sc. thesis template from our cloud.

Ph.D. Thesis

We provide a Ph.D. thesis template using minitocs in a standard report format.

Get the latest Ph.D. thesis template from our cloud.

In Introduction to Latex

If you have never used Latex, you find a brief intorduction in these slides on Latex.

You may also watch a recording of the exercise by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elmar Rueckert on Latex.

What are the thesis guidelines

Word processor

We believe that the best way to write a technical paper is by using LaTeX. Therefore, we provide a LaTeX template for you which you can download at the end of this page. Furthermore, we recommend the lecture notes form Prof. O’Leary’s lecture “Engineering and Scientific Documentation” for a basic introduction in writing technical papers and LaTeX. At this point we would like to thank Prof. O’Leary for allowing us to link to his lecture notes.

Text structure

There are no general guidelines for text structure. Since each thesis is unique, the structure will be discussed in detail with the supervisor. The same applies to the scope of the paper. A basic setup is nevertheless available in the LaTeX-template.


Basically, you can write your thesis in German or English. However, you have to coordinate this with your supervisor, since we also have international staff at our chair who support your work and can do this better in English.

Realization of the thesis

For Bachelor’s theses, the total duration of the work should be approximately 3 months and concludes with the presentation of the thesis to the chair staff. Master’s theses should take about 6 months. Within the scope of the thesis, you have to make an interim presentation at the chair, as well as a final presentation within the scope of the master’s examination. More details can be found in the article “Completion of the master’s program”.


Template and Script

How to write a thesis at the chair of cyber-physical systems

What is a bachelor or a master thesis?

At the end of your bachelor or master studies you have to write a thesis. In case of the bachelor’s study programme your workload should be around 180 to 200 netto work hours (7.5 ECTS credits) and your master’s thesis workload should be around 600 to 650 netto work hours (25 ECTS credits). In these theses, you as a student should independently research the topic and prove your scientific problem-solving strategies. To solve this difficult task, we will help you with our expertise.

What are the requirements to write a thesis?

The bachelor’s programme at MUL requires that you have already completed the courses of the first four semesters to start your thesis. The prerequisite for writing your master’s thesis is to be enrolled in a master’s programme.

How do I get a thesis at the chair of cyber-physical systems?

First, you can check our homepage to see if you find a topic that interests you. If this is not the case, you can contact our chair and propose your own topic. In any case, you should ask for a personal appointment at the secretary’s office so that possible questions or topics can be discussed.

Important Information

If you want to write your thesis at the chair of cyber-physical systems, do not start writing the thesis until it is approved by the chair. Otherwise, it is possible that your topic can change during writing.
At University of Leoben we have a guideline for good scientific practice, therefore the university wants you to stick to this practice.
Finally, the chair of cyber-physical systems has an internal guideline for the implementation of a thesis. More about this in our wiki article on thesis guidelines.