How to install Lotus Notes on Linux & MacOS

Get Lotus Notes for Linux or IOS

  • Download the relevant files from the ZID.
  • Or contact the ZID, Christoph Frimmel, christoph.frimmel@unileoben.ac.at and ask for the latest installation files.
  • Install Lotus Notes.
  • Get a connection file or ask the ZID to setup the connection.


Details to the MAC OS Installation (M1)

  • Run the installer called, Notes1101FP4_DE_IT_Notarized_Mac.dmg.
  • Start the package: HCL Notes Installer-nl1d.pkg
  • Note that the installer ‘Notes_1101_Mac_German_Italian.dmg‘ is not working on an M1.
  • Enter your Name.
  • Enter the Server: nmail1.unileoben.ac.at

  • Enter Lotus Notes Password that you got from the ZID.
  • Otherwise, you need to get a notes account.

Setup the Notes Client

  • Option 1: Call ZID and let them do it for you.
  • Option 2: Copy your old ‘desktop8.ndk‘ file from /Library/Application Support/HCL Notes Data/ into the same folder on your new MAC OS system.