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  2. 2.3 Logistic Regression

    > where σ’ denotes the sigmoid function in Equation 2.4. Note that the
    function φ(x) in Equation 2.2 may be in the simple lear* model the
    identity function φ(x) = x.

    simple linear* model

  3. Missing blank space at the bottom of page 15: To better visualize the difference to ridge regression in Equation2.12 and ..

    Remark 2.5.1 makes no sense to me in terms of content (Intuitively, such a model make sense as for noisy data that much and hence regularize more.).

    In Remark 2.6.1 there is a dot instead of a comma in the last sentence.
    Directly after the remark mu is described as parameter uncertainty, but as I understood the parameter uncertainty will be described by sigma.

  4. Section 1.6 Beta Distribution:

    The formula for the Beta Distribution is wrong. Either it should be Beta(x|a,b) := B(a,b)… (so no inverse on the B function) or B(a,b) = (g(a)g(b))/(g(a+b)) where g() is the gamma function.

  5. 1. The formula for Beta distribution is wrong. Should be either: Beta(x|a,b) = B(a,b) … (ie. without the inverse) or : B(a,b) = gamma(a)gamma(b)/gamma(a+b)

    2. The equation 1.8 and 1.9 are wrong. It should be (1.8): mu_a|b = … and not mu_b|a = …
    and for 1.9 it should be: Sigma_a|b = …… and not Sigma_b|a = …..

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