Q & A for the Reinforcement Learning course

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7 thoughts on “Q & A for the Reinforcement Learning course

  1. For installing OpenAI Gym on a mac, I found it pretty simple to use the website https://medium.com/@thelastalias/simple-setup-of-openai-gym-on-macos-287cf0194ac2

    It will install everything (or attempt to) when a program is run. The website is pretty self-explanatory. And It does pretty much the same stuff as the website given for installing to the windows operating system.

    I did get a problem though in step 3 of the installation script because I did not have mujoco_py. In this case, I just installed the rest of the stuff that was listed on the website by hand, either using brew or conda install.

    If there are any other questions about it. Let me know.

    • According to some submitted version of assignment, I cancel the page limit. Please be concise and clear with the answer.

  2. I get an error only for the atari part:
    FileNotFoundError: Could not find module ‘c:\…\ale_c.cp38-win_amd64.dll’ (or one of its dependencies). Try using the full path with constructor syntax.

    But if I look via the file browser there is such a file in this exact location.

    It’s only for the bonus tasks in the later exercises but I would like to solve it anyway. Does anyone have an Idea?

    • Hi, Theo,
      I am not sure whether you used Anaconda latest version for installing the Atari Environment. If not, please use that for installation. Are you also using windows10? If you use MAC, please try to contact Cole Saunders. He is successful in installation in MAC. For win10, I am not sure of tackling this problem, as some students whom I help with the installation and I haven’t encountered such error. If error still happens, you still can use Google Colab, where Atari game env will be installed. So you still have the chance to do that bonus task.

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