How To fix the Robot Hand (Overheat Error)


Signs of an Overheat Error

Two signs occur when the overheating error is present:

1) Only the red lamp on top of the robot hand is light up continuously.
2) The ROS Terminal (running the roslaunch rh8d start_rh8d.launch programm) displays “Overheat Error”. In the picture below the error message for servo #38 is displayed.

Needed Resources

  1.  Download the TSBAdvanced Loader binary from github.
  2.  Download the RH8D Fix folder (so far we have only the fixes for Servo #33, #35 and #38, if you need a different one please talk to Prof. Rückert).

How the fix works

  1. Connect the robot hand via the micro USB connector on the side of the hand to a Windows computer.
  2. Plug in the power supply of the robot hand.
  3. Open a Terminal on the Windows computer.
  4. Move to the directory were you unziped the “RH8D” files.
  5. Check the COM connection to the robot hand in the devices manager (i.e. COM4).
  6. Now enter the bridge mode with the terminal command : “tsbloader_adv.exe -port=[the Virtual Serial port number/id you determined in point 1] -seederos=bron” (replace the [the Virtual Serial port number/id you determined in point 1] with i.e. COM4.
  7.  Depending on the servo motor, the corresponding pwd must now be used. Servo #31 = A; Servo #32 = B; … Servo #38 = H.
  8. To reset the faulty temperature sensor of the corresponding servo motor use the following command: “tsbloader_adv.exe -port=[YOUR COMM PORT] -prewait=2000 -pwd=[SERVO-PWD] -eop=ewv -efile=[RESET FILE FOR THE SERVO] -baud=33333”
  9. If there are more than one errors, fix only one at a time!
  10.  After completion use the command: “tsbloader_adv.exe -port=[the Virtual Serial port number/id you determined in point 1] -seederos=broff” to leave the bridge mode.
  11. Afterwards reboot the hand (replug the power supply and disconnect the micro USB cable). After booting all three lamps should light again. Otherwise contact the support of seed robotics via email:


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