Presentations and Tutorials

[November 13th, 2019]

Fachtagung Messunsicherheit 2019, Erfurt. Neuronale und stochastische Lernmerthoden in der Robotik. Link zu den Folien.

[November 7th, 2019]

JKU Linz, Austria. Artificial Intelligence for autonomous Robots. Link to the online slides.

[October 23rd, 2019]

EXO 2019 in Berlin. Powerful Predictive Human Motion Models. Link to the slides. 

[June 26th, 2019]

Summer School Tutorial on Learning adaptive motor skills. Link to the online slides.

[Nov. 2nd, 2018]

[Oct. 16th, 2018] Research Talk on Learning to Categorize Bug Reports with LSTM Networks, SoftNet 2018, Nice France.

[Oct. 14th, 2018] Tutorial on Neural and Probabilistic Learning Methods for Robotics and Other Domain, SoftNet 2018, Nice France.