B.Sc. Thesis: Simon-Konstantin Thiem on Simulation of the Underactuated Sake Robotics Gripper in V-REP and ROS


Supervisors: Elmar Rückert, Prof. Dr. Jan Peters

Finished: 28.September.2017


The Sake Robotics Gripper is a cheap, robust and versatile gripper that has not been simulated yet. It is an underactuated gripper and therefore needs a workaround to achieve realistic behavior in simulation. The model has to be able to interpret the exact same ROS messages the gripper receives. This paper proposes a reproduction of the Sake Robotics Gripper in V-REP. We analyze the tools provided by V-REP to develop an algorithm to achieve underactuation in simulation. This contributes to the kitchen cleaning task of the GOAL-Robots project with a platform to do machine learning on. All models are available open source. Our model can be used as a foundation for research in complex grasping and manipulation tasks with the Sake Robotics Gripper


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