M.Sc. thesis: Benjamin Schödinger on A framework for learning Vision and Tactile correlation

Supervisor: Vedant Dave, M.Sc; Univ.-Prof. Dr Elmar Rückert
Start date: 1st May 2022

Theoretical difficulty: Mid
Practical difficulty: Mid


Tactile perception is one of the basic senses in humans that utilize almost at every instance. We predict the touch of the object even before touching it, only through vision. If a novel object is encountered, we predict the tactile sensation even before touching. The goal of this project is to predict tactile response that would be experienced if this grasp were performed on the object. This is achieved by extracting the features of the visual data and the tactile information and then learning the mapping between those features. 

We use Intel RealSense depth camera D435i for capturing images of the objects and Seed RH8D Hand with tactile sensors to capture the tactile data in real time(15 dimensional data). The main objective is to perform well on the novel object which have some shared feature representation of the previously seen objects.


Related Work

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How to use Sensor Glove with Robot Hand

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Additional Requirements

Connection with PC

First step is to make sure that the Sensor glove is connected to the USB0 and Robot Hand is connected to USB1. If this is not in order, we might have to change it inside the files and aslo in rosserial_python library. 

Connecting with ROS

  • Initiate Roscore with command: roscore
  • Run the Rosserial Python command to initiate the Serial connection between with the hand through Python:

          rosrun rosserial_python tcp

           You will see something like this:

  • After this, run the Arduino file to initiate the calibration. If the Serial connection is finished, you will see something like this:

Connecting with the Robot Hand

In order to connect with the hand, just run this file:

roslaunch rh8d start_rh8d.launch