Meeting Notes -Melanie-Prof Rueckert 22.07.2022



  1. Data / Visualization framework in Python
    • API framework/usage guidelines
    • input  format
    • output format
    • Gui to inspect the data.
      • Original Data view
      • subsection view (using the rotated and subselected image parts).
      • Slider to adjust the time.
      • Play function.
      • Replay speed adjustment.
      • Basic statistics of the shown data (e.g. histogramms of the two images, min, max, mean, boxplots, number of blobs [1], …).
  2. Symmetry measurements
    • Develop measures and visualization tools to detect asymmetries between the two images.
    • Find examples of such asymmetries.
    • Analyze them.
  3. Occlusion removal
    • Classical CV approach
    • Learning-based approach(De-Occlusion)
  4. Abnormality detection
  5. Thesis writing

Topic 1: Data / Visualization framework in Python

Deliverables due to September

use pandas dataframe library

Topic 2: Symmetry measurements 

Deliverables due to October:

  • Develop automatic detection methods and selection tools for your guidance
    • e.g., highlight these events in your time-line in the gui with red bars, or create a list of events that can be selected

Topic 3: Occlusion removal

Concerned about its appicability to this project. we cannot assume it will work with non-face data

If we don’t know the dynamics of the liquid we cannot reconstruct maintaining the true underlying information.

due to November

Next Steps

  • Abnormality detection
    • due December
  • Thesis writing
    • due January

Next Meeting: TBA