Meeting on the 16th, November 2022


Location: Chair of CPS

Date & Time: 5th Oct 2022

Participants: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elmar Rueckert, DI Nikolaus Feith, BSc



  1. Update
  2. Future Steps

Top 1: Update

  • Literature search on Related work to Online Reinforcement Learning and Preference Learning was started
  •  Hardware interface for RH8D was implemented and needs to be tested now. Some issues with exceeding cycle time of the mainloop were found.

Top 2: Future Steps

  • Start working on webservices and ROS2
  • MP:
    • What do we need for kinestetic teaching, shared control etc.
    • Whiech Parameters are changed and how to display them
  • Start with simulation and not a real robot
  • GNN: for the future reimplementation of toy tasks and research whats new in this field or what is still left out
  •  RH8D: Try fixing the communication error with Vedant’s SDK
  • Webserver/Websockets:
    • What are requirements for the webserver/websocket to use it with ROS2 and shared control