• How to build a professional low-cost lightboard for teaching - Giving virtual lectures can be exciting. Inspired by numerous blog posts of colleagues all over the world (e.g., [1], [2], [3]), I decided to turned an ordinary glass desk into a light board. The total costs were less than 100 EUR. Below you can see some snapshots of the individual steps. Details to the lightboard […]
  • How to build and use a low-cost sensor glove - This post discusses how to develop a low cost sensor glove with tactile feedback using flex sensors and small vibration motors. MATLAB and JAVA code is linked. Documentation Weber, Paul; Rueckert, Elmar; Calandra, Roberto; Peters, Jan; Beckerle, Philipp A Low-cost Sensor Glove with Vibrotactile Feedback and Multiple Finger Joint and Hand Motion Sensing for Human-Robot […]
  • How to build a low-cost USB controlled treadmill - This post discusses how to develop a low cost treadmill with a closed-loop feedback controller for reinforcement learning experiments. MATLAB and JAVA code is linked. Hardware – Treadmill Get a standard household treadmill Samples Note: It should work with a DC-Motor, otherwise a different controller is needed!  Hardware – Controller Pololu Jrk 21v3 USB Motor Controller […]

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