Organizing Wiki Page Categories


Here’s a guide on how to label your categories effectively:

  1. wiki_phds: This category should encompass all aspects of your day-to-day life as a PhD student.

  2. wiki_road_to_thesis: Include guidelines, tips, and resources related to various stages of thesis writing, from proposal development to final defense preparations.

  3. wiki_hard_software: Use this category to share information, tutorials, and updates about the hardware and software used in your research projects.

  4. wiki_scientific_research_aspects: Discuss methodologies, data analysis techniques, experimental setups, and anything else related to the scientific rigor of your work.

  5. wiki_teaching_aspects: This category is dedicated to sharing insights, strategies, and resources for effective teaching, whether it’s leading a seminar, designing a course, or mentoring undergraduates.

  6. wiki_career_aspects: This category covers everything related to career development and professional growth.

The category label determines where the post will appear in its respective section.