B.Sc. Thesis: Tolga-Can Çallar on Design of a Simulation Framework for the Exploration of Kinematic Structures for Robotic Ultrasound Imaging


Supervisors: Elmar Rückert

Finished: 11.November.2018


As an versatile, fast and innocuous imaging technique, medical ultrasound is wellestablished in clinical practise. In comparison to other imaging techniques, diagnostic success is highly user-dependent. Due to limited access to qualified medical personnel, the potential of medical ultrasound has not been exploited fully. Over the last three decades, this problem has been addressed by several research groups, that established the field of robotic ultrasound imaging. Although numerous findings have been made, to this day there is no robotic system fit for widespread clinical use. A significant reason for this has been an insuficcient kinematic design. Therefore kinematic optimization is one of the main tasks in the field of robotic ultrasound imaging. In this thesis we present a simulation framework, that can be utilized to explore the fitness of a certain kinematic structure concerning ultrasound imaging


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