M.Sc. Thesis: Viktor Daibert on Automated Real-time 3D Reconstruction on Mobile Devices


Supervisors: Elmar Rückert

Finished: 5. November.2019


In this master thesis, a prototype is being developed that uses existing frameworks to make a Smartphone to a pocket 3D scanner. The resulting prototype consists of a smartphone-, server-application, and a database in between. On the server application, point clouds from photos are created in real time. The point clouds and user support, should be used to assist during the photo creation and reconstruction of 3D-models from photos. After an introductory consideration of the theoretical background, common algorithms of 3D reconstruction are examined for their advantages and disadvantages with regard to the computing time and efficiency with the target platform. Based on the results, a combination of MeshLab, OpenMVG, OpenMVE, and SMVS is used to construct the 3D models. On the basis of fault tolerance with unsorted images, AKAZE and DAISY have been selected, which is why they are being supplemented in the OpenMVG application in this work. This work answers the question of How a technological can be implemente.


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