Fotios (Fotis) Lygerakis, M.Eng.


Short Bio

Hi! I my name is Fotis and I have been a member of CPS since March 2022!

Nowadays, you will find me working on projects related to

  • Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning
  • Robot Learning
  • Human-Robot Interfaces
  • Industrial data processing

I received my Diploma (Master of Engineering) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Technical University of Crete, Greece in 2019. Thereafter, I worked as teaching assistant at the University of Texas at Arlington, USA until December 2021.


Research Interests​

  • Deep Learning
    • Feed Forward, Convolutional and Recurrent Neural networks
    • Classification, Detection and Image Segmentation
  • Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning
    • Variational Autoencoders
    • Contrastive Learning
    • Information Theory
  • Reinforcement Learning
    • Model-Free Actor-Critic
    • Model-based latent models
  • Robot Learning
    • Sample Efficient Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
    • Robust Visual Representations
  • Human-Robot Interfaces
    • Augmented reality Interfaces
    • Sign Langauge
  • Industrial Processes Optical Inspection

Thesis Supervision

Students who wish to do their thesis under my supervision, shall choose their subject within the list of my research interests above. Feel free to contact me via email for further clarifications or directions.

Current & Past Thesis

Industrial Processes Visual Inspection, Melanie Neubauer [M.Sc. Thesis]




Companies, fellow colleagues or students who wish consultation on any of my research interests or background can contact me via email:

Contact & Quick Links

M.Eng. Fotios Lygerakis
Doctoral Student supervised by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elmar Rueckert
Montanuniversität Leoben
Franz-Josef-Straße 18, 
8700 Leoben, Austria 

Phone:  +43 3842 402 – 1901 (Secretary of CPS)


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