Sign Language Robot Hand – Internship Position



Start date: Open

Duration: 3-6 months, depending on the level of applicant’s proficiency on the asked qualifications.



  • Basic skills in Python or C++
  • ROS
  • Basic skills in Machine Learning
Keywords: Sign Language, Robotics, Machine Learning



The objective of this project/thesis is to train a robotic hand to perform the sign language.

Note: This project is also offered under the Integrated CPS project course or as M.Sc. Thesis




Please contact us via if you want to join us for an internship.

We will support you during your application for an internship grant. Below we list some relevant grant application details.

CEEPUS grant (European for undergrads and graduates)

Find details on the Central European Exchange Program for University Studies program at or at

In principle, you can apply at any time for a scholarship. However, also your country of origin matters and there exist networks of several countries that have their own contingent.

Ernst Mach Grant (Worldwide for PhDs and Seniors)

Rest Funding Resourses

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