Vacations and Work from Home


General Workflows and Agreements

Find below some general descriptions of workflows and agreements for working at our chair.

For any further question, you can always ask the whole CPS team.

Vacation Application Process

Please follow the instructions below, when you apply for any vacation days. 
  1. Request my permission via email
    • Please always send me an email first, where you ask for my ok for your vacation plan. Otherwise, I will ignore any notifications from the SAP system.
    • Add Regina cc to the email

  2. Apply for vacations in the online SAP portal (
    • I will receive an automatic email notification and will approve your application.
    • Without my approval, your application is not granted.

  3. Add your vacation days to our “CPS Events” Calendar
    • All of you have write access to add your vacation days.  

Working from at Home

According to your work contract, you have to come to the office for work.

Exceptions based on eventually valid covid regulations will be communicated via emails from the president of the university.