Integrated CPS Project or B.Sc. Thesis: Mobile Navigation via micro-ROS



Start date: October 2022



  • Interest in controlling and simulating mobile robotics
  • Interest in Programming in Python and ROS or ROS2
Keywords: Mobile robot control, robot operating system (ROS), ESP32


The goal of this project or thesis is to develop a control and sensing interface for our mobile robot “RMP220“. The RMP220 has two powerful brush-less motors equipped with two magnetic encoders.

Learn in this project how to read the sensor values and how to control the motors via micro-ros on a ESP32 controller.



Note: This project is also offered as Internship position.

Single Person Project or Team Work

You may work on the project alone or in teams of up to 4 persons.

For a team work task, the goals will be extended to control the robot via ROS 2 and to simulate it in Gazebo or RViz.


If this project sounds like fun to you, please contact Linus Nwankwo or Elmar Rueckert or simply visit us at our chair in the Metallurgie building, 1st floor.